A graduate of the Journalism and Communication School of Marseille in France, David Fabrega is an independent and versatile filmmaker – all at once producer,  director, cameraman and editor – who creates international documentary films about inspiring immigrants positively involved in society changes. Living in Canada since 2005, he also makes photographic editorials and got an industrial patent for a camera lens controller, the Fingazoom.

His first film – Biodiversity: an odyssey – is recommended by the United Nations and has been released on television at TV5 Monde and Science & Vie TV. In 2016, his second feature film about the return of the Cuban diaspora – Return to Cuba – was part of the official selection at the Africa World Documentary Film Festival (USA) and the Latin America Film Festival of Montreal (Canada). His short documentary directed in Vietnam – Little Big Leaf – is broadcast at the CBC, Canadian first TV channel.

His photography is featured in popular newspapers and magazines such as GEO, Photo Life, Le Devoir, L’actualité and Urbania.


16 minutes | DAVID FABREGA | 2019

In Mexico, a dreamy and solitary boy discovers his artistic soul and his sexual orientation within a rural and a conservative environment that will eventually drive him into exile. Toro tells the surprising story of the personal and professional transformation of a Mexican dentist, who became a talented painter in Canada under a new identity. Navigating between childhood and adulthood, Toro is a fabled documentary imbued with a magical realism and the liberating power of art and immigration.

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Little Big Leaf

04 minutes | DAVID FABREGA  | 2017

Phu Dinh Van runs a little coffee shop in Hanoi. Though physically small, he has big dreams: to study in Canada, become an English teacher and return to Vietnam to open a school for dwarves and people with disabilities.

Broadcasted on the Canadian TV channel CBC.

Return to Cuba

78 minutes | DAVID FABREGA | 2016   Return to Cuba (2016) on IMDb 

After 18 years living in Italy, Barbara Ramos returns to live in Cuba. In the town of Santa Clara, she discovers through the projects of family and friends what has changed in Cuba but also what has not and will likely never change. Shot over a period of three years – the time it took Barbara to build her dream house – RETURN TO CUBA chronicles her life after Fidel Castro era, in the wake of liberal reforms and the reconciliation with the United States of America. A light-hearted yet energetic movie positively demonstrating that finding happiness is possible again in today’s Cuba!

★★★ RETURN TO CUBA paints an insightful insider’s view of the country, unlike the plethora of quaint travelogues or the oft-clichéd political analyses usually emanating from the country.” Full review by Bill Brownstein, Montreal Gazette.

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